Trauma Informed – Trauma Empowered (Stockport Without Abuse)

Stockport Without Abuse is one of twenty nine charities from across England, working with women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, that has been awarded a grant from Homeless Link’s Ending Women’s Homelessness grants programme, funded by the Government’s Tampon Tax Fund.

The project aims to improve recovery and internal and external safety for homeless women in Stockport by using Trauma Informed safety-focused, strength-based theory to offer specialist interventions to homeless women and facilitate access to safe accommodation, an appropriate care plan and direct delivery of interventions. Trauma Therapy Practitioners are to offer specific Trauma focused sessions in how to manage flashbacks, intrusive thoughts and hypervigilance in day-to-day life, especially in presence of other professionals who don't understand the impact of this and offer information to professionals involved.

The project is offering support on one to one bases, group work, BAME specialist support and a training programme for professionals.

Welcoming the grant, Naz Ghodrati, Stockport Without Abuse's CEO, said: "We are over the moon and honoured to have been given the grant and such an amazing opportunity to support women to recovery, access to safety and maintaining safety, especially during the current challenges of lack of suitable accommodation and appropriate support for women with multiple needs and history of trauma.

"This project aims to help women to feel safe and stay safe by offering direct support by specially trained Trauma Informed Pracitioners and advocates and offers training about the need of women with multiple needs and accumulative impact of trauma to other professionals that will play a role in delivering safety, shelter and support to women."