‘All I’ve ever wanted is my own front door’ - the power of having a home

Friday, 27 January 2017 - 1:51pm

We have now launched the Housing First England website, where we share why the stories of those supported by Housing First are at the heart of our project.

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The evidence in favour of providing those with complex needs their own tenancy and high quality support is startlingly clear.  Housing First works.  Up to 90% of people, many of whom have never had their own home before, remain housed.  

At Homeless Link we believe that understanding the true impact of Housing First doesn’t just come from the statistics.  Hearing from, and about, the individuals who have been supported by Housing First projects provides the most powerful evidence for why this approach is needed. 

“I believe that when you build a life it’s like building a building.  You start with the foundations; you don’t start with the roof.  I was being offered jobs and training courses, but no housing.” - Wayne, Housing First resident.

On the new Housing First England website, you will find the films we have made with Tom and Wayne, who have been supported by Housing First projects.  Along with their testimonies, you will find the stories of more people who have moved from unstable and unsafe lives into their own homes.

Since I left the hostel I’m in a good place now…I love it here…I have the grandchildren to stay, and sometimes my daughter….since I moved in here I feel a lot better.” - Tom, Housing First resident.

The life stories on our website are true testament to just how effective Housing First services are for people who have, for much of their lives, been unable to access the support that has been traditionally offered to them.  Housing First works for people who have fallen through the gaps in a system, which is geared to addressing individual needs. 

The principles of Housing First ensure that these needs do not become a barrier to housing.  The support is holistic, enables people to develop goals for the future and increases self-esteem.  Housing First enables people to share their stories and change the course of their lives.

“That front door, to me, gives me an identity.  This is who I am…this is where I live.” - Wayne, Housing First resident.

Visit hfe.homeless.org.uk to see these stories and find out more about Housing First.

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Jo Prestidge

Innovation and good practice project manager

Jo is an innovation and good practice project manager, leading a range of projects and training including Housing First England and Trauma Informed Care.

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