Spires Centre, South London

“Spires Centre, based in South London, is excited to be part of the Enterprise Development Programme. We help people who are homeless or have insecure accommodation, who are also facing complex issues like long-term unemployment, poor mental/physical health, addiction/substance misuse, or are imprisoned by sex work. Our focus is on long-lasting change to build a better future. We achieve this outcome through three primary programs: Rough Sleepers, Streetlink, and Adult Learning Courses.

Spires' social enterprise project--the Spires Green Gardens Programme--that is in its early stages with a feasibility study, will employ a Team Leader to lead a small group of our clients to work in local residential gardens to learn transferable skills they can use to attain horticulture accreditation, enabling them to rejoin the workforce. Gardening is a proven method to improving mental health, as well as social and practical skills clients can use to rebuild their lives. Once established, the income raised will cover costs with the profits forming a new revenue stream for the Rough Sleeper’s service.”

- Holly Hudson, Trust Fundraiser at Spires Centre.