The Real Impact of the HRA on Single Homelessness in London

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Thursday, 3 October 2019
Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street London E1 6LS

Come and have your say on how the Homeless Reduction Act 2017 is impacting single homeless people you are working with.

Is your organisation responding to the Government’s Call for Evidence on the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA)?  

Would you like the opportunity to feed into a response being put together by Homeless Link?

The Government’s Call for Evidence is a chance for local authorities, voluntary, faith and statutory agencies to have their say on the Act and help inform future decisions and changes to the Act. Come along to this London PLUS Policy Forum to hear from a Panel and share experience amongst a range of front line London based agencies about its impact on single homelessness in London. The closing date for responses is 15th October 2019.

Panel speakers include Rebecca Ireland MHCLG, Caroline Bernard Homeless Link, Marcus Loney-Evans St Martins Frontline Network and Ian Swift LB Southwark.

This is a joint event between Homeless Link and Shelter for:

  • Front-line staff, service managers, senior & policy managers working in London-based providers of services to single people experiencing homelessness
  • London Borough Officers & Members

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Welcome and introductions (Julie Cook Homeless Link)


MHCLG (Rebecca Ireland Adviser, Homelessness Advice and Support Team)

  • Intro to the HRA & why new legislation was needed
  • What the HRA intended to achieve with regard to single homelessness
  • What the Act has achieved so far for single homeless people
  • Why a call for evidence now and what’s the plan moving forward


Homeless Link (Caroline Bernard, Head of Policy & Comms)

  • What Homeless Link has been doing so far to monitor the impact – key themes from the Evaluation Report November 2018
  • What Homeless Link has been doing with LB Southwark to explore service user experience
  • What Homeless Link is planning to do with regard to Call for Evidence and beyond in relation to the HRA 
  • Some early outcomes data from H-Clic for single homeless people in London


Front line Workers Network (Marcus Loney-Evans)

  • Key findings on the HRA impact from the Frontline Workers Survey 2018 conducted by St Martin Charity Frontline Network


Two Council perspectives – Hackney & Southwark (Arto Maatta Housing Needs Team Manager for Singles at LB Hackney and Ian Swift Head of Housing Solutions at LB Southwark)

  • What has really changed in the Borough as a result of the Act?
  • What more needs to change?


A service user experience


Group discussions - Is the Act really leading to improved housing outcomes for single homeless people?

  • How well are London Councils doing in assisting single homeless people with tailored advice and assistance, personal housing plans and earlier interventions?
  • How well understood are the new provisions in the Act for single people by front line workers in other statutory and vol sector agencies?
  • How far has the Act led to improved partnership working amongst LA’s and agencies working with single homeless people?
  • How has the Act impacted different cohorts of single homeless people (young people, vulnerable, complex needs, rough sleepers etc) ?
  • Overall what is working well?
  • Overall what is not working/needs to work better?
  • How has additional funding to LA’s helped LA’s deliver their new duties/ improved services for single people?
  • How useful is H-Clic data?


Group discussion feedback, summary and next steps (Julie Cook Homeless Link)


Event Close