Migrant Destitution Toolkit (2018)

The Migrant Destitution Toolkit offers practical support to improve pathways out of destitution for destitute migrants. 

The content of this Toolkit has been informed by the findings of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) funded Ending Migrant Destitution events between 2015-2016.

Why is this toolkit needed?

Migrant destitution in England is rising, and for migrants who find themselves destitute and with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) there are limited services available. Mainstream services struggle to provide effective support for those outside of the welfare state, yet destitute migrants remain extremely vulnerable. Homelessness services and housing providers need to act now to build partnerships with migrant destitution services and work together to support destitute migrants away from the streets. This toolkit provides a practical framework and resources for building closer partnerships and collaboration between frontline homelessness services and migrant support agencies. Through coordination, cross-fertilisation and access to good quality legal advice, both sectors can offer solutions to this growing humanitarian problem. 

Aims of the toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to promote collaboration between homelessness organisations, housing providers and migrant support services. To meet the range of needs that destitute migrants face including housing, subsistence, legal advice and wider support. It covers:

  • Understanding the needs of destitute migrants
  • Developing a shared understanding of no recourse to public funds
  • Joint working in your local area
  • Resources for signposting clients to immigration advice
  • Delivering cross sector Migrant Destitution events
  • Good practice case studies from across England 
  • Useful links for practitioners looking for support right now

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is a resource for both frontline and senior managers who work in services that provide either regular or occasional support to destitute migrants from outside of Europe.

Part 1: How to facilitate local partnership working and develop pathways out of destitution

people at a training session

This toolkit is designed to assist frontline homelessness organisations to develop local partnerships and effective joint working in order to support destitute migrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF).


Part 2: Why is immigration advice important?

books and scales

This short briefing for homelessness services outlines what regulated immigrations advice is and why it is so important for destitute migrants. It also provides useful links and resources for frontline workers looking to refer their clients on to necessary immigration advice.


Part 3: Good practice case studies from the housing association sector

row of houses

Good practice case studies from across England demonstrating how housing associations have worked in partnership with migrant organisations, homeless agencies and community organisations to provide bed spaces in innovative housing models for destitute migrants.


Looking for advice, or services right now?