No second night out campaign

Tonight someone will sleep rough for the first time. We believe they should get help so they don’t spend a second night out. 

The issue

According to government statistics, an estimated 3,569 people sleep rough every night. Life on the streets is damaging to both the person who is homeless and society.

The longer someone stays out, the greater the risk that they will be trapped on the streets where they are very vulnerable to crime, drugs and alcohol problems, illness, mental health issues and dying prematurely.

Evidence suggests that some individuals sleeping rough may not be known to local services; while not all rough sleepers are aware that advice and services are available to them.

But it does not have to be like this.  With the right services and the help of the public, we can make sure no one has to make a life on the streets

The solution

In 2011, in partnership with Government, we called on every council in England to adopt the idea of No Second Night Out.

This means having the right services in place, so:

  • New rough sleepers can be identified and helped off the streets immediately;
  • The public can alert services if they see anyone sleeping rough so they get help;
  • Rough sleepers can go to a place of safety, where their needs can be assessed and they can get help;
  • Rough sleepers are able to get emergency accommodation and other services they need; and
  • Rough sleepers from outside the area can be reconnected with their community, where they can be near family and friends, and can get housing and support.



  • Government publishes Vision to End Rough Sleeping: No Second Night Out nationwide, calling on councils to adopt the idea.
  • We establish, with Government backing, the £20m Homeless Transition Fund to help local charities get right service in place to help tackle rough sleeping.


  • We provide communities with ongoing advice, guidance and support to adopt idea. 
  • Our members  have No Second Night Out services up and running in London, Liverpool, Bristol and many other areas  
  • England wide StreetLink telephone line, website and app launched to enable public to alert local services about rough sleepers.


  • Only two councils yet to commit to adopting No Second Night Out
  • Review of No Second Night Out services finds that around 7 in 10 rough sleepers across England are now helped off the streets the day they are found, and nearly 8 in 10 (78%) do not return after receiving help.

Where next?

We need to make sure investment in tackling rough sleeping continues. We and our members are focussing our energy on meeting four simple pledges:

  1. No one new to the streets should spend a second night out
  2. No one should live on the streets
  3. No one should return to the streets once they have been helped off them, and ultimately 
  4. No one should arrive on the streets

No second night out across England 2014

The No Second Night Out standard aims to ensure rough sleepers are helped off the streets as quickly as possible. Adopted by councils accross England, this report looks whether No Second Night Out services are working.


"The Autumn 2014 total of rough sleeping counts and estimates in England was 2,744."

Department for Communities and Local Government - 2015

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