New Start - Supported Tenancies

Referral address

The Job Bank
4 Tunnel Road
L7 6QD

Referral phone

0151 708 7103

Referral email


Who is the project for?

Who do we help?

Single homeless people with support needs, including those with mental health or alcohol problems and ex-offenders. Local connection required. May accept people with a dog.

Who we cannot help

Arsonists and Schedule 1 offenders.

  • Minimum age accepted: 18
  • Maximum age accepted: None

How to get a referral

Referral agencies

Referrals come via the Liverpool Mainstay system.

Referral procedure

Phone Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or download form from website. Referral details required prior to interview. Require proof of ID.

Length of stay

  • Minimum stay: 6 months
  • Maximum stay: 2 years

Support and accommodation

Support offered

5 full time staff provide support at office and via visits Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, emergency on-call system. Keywork system (12-15 residents per worker), visits 1-3 times weekly. Action plans reviewed every 3 months. Staff provide support around gaining independence, life skills, finance and benefits, setting up and maintaining tenancies.

Rooms and charges

£20pw required from residents in receipt of benefits.

  • Single: 83
  • Total spaces: 83


  • Furnishings: Rooms fully furnished.
  • Food: %author:field_hostels_food
  • Disabled facilities: Ground floor rooms accessible to people with mobility issues.

Rules and policies

House rules and tenure

Alcohol rules vary according to project. Smoking allowed in own rooms only. Tenancy agreement.


9am-5pm. Overnight guests with staff permission. No restrictions in self-contained units.

User participation


Further information

Is this page accurate?

If you work for New Start - Supported Tenancies and would like us to amend any of this information please email us today.

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