London Cyrenians Housing

Referral address

52 Rochester Row

Referral phone

020 7938 2004

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Who is the project for?

Who do we help?

Single people with support needs, eg homeless people, people with mental health or substance misuse problems, mothers and babies, care leavers, rough sleepers, young people at risk, refugees. Some projects accept people with both mental health and alcohol/drug problems. Applicants must have a local connection to the London borough where their referral agency is based.

Who we cannot help

People unable to cope with the level of support provided by the project.

  • Minimum age accepted: 16
  • Maximum age accepted: 65

How to get a referral

Referral agencies

Accept referrals from nominated agencies located in boroughs where accommodation is based eg CMHTs, Social Services, LB Ealing Gateway Services, LB Hammersmith & Fulham PATHS Team. Do not accept self referrals.

Referral procedure

Form completed by applicant and agency. Interview. Require proof of ID - birth certificate, passport. Require supporting letter from agency.

Length of stay

  • Minimum stay: 1 year
  • Maximum stay: varies

Support and accommodation

Support offered

Levels of support vary between projects from bespoke 24 hour high support to low support. Staff provide practical and emotional support to prepare residents for independent living.

Rooms and charges

Weekly charge required from residents receiving benefits, varies according to property.

  • Single: 259
  • Total spaces: 259


  • Furnishings: Varies.
  • Food: %author:field_hostels_food
  • Disabled facilities: Can accommodate one wheelchair user.

Rules and policies

House rules and tenure

Smoking allowed in designated areas. Licence agreement or assured shorthold tenancy.


No restrictions in single occupancy. No overnight guests in shared houses.

User participation


Further information

Is this page accurate?

If you work for London Cyrenians Housing and would like us to amend any of this information please email us today.

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