EDs Homes

Referral address

57a Library street

Referral phone

01942 318046

Referral email




Who is the project for?

Who do we help?

Single male ex-service personnel aged 21+.

Who we cannot help

Arsonists or sex offenders.

  • Minimum age accepted: 21
  • Maximum age accepted: None

How to get a referral

Referral agencies

Accept referrals from anyone who fills in a referral form, including self referrals.

Length of stay

  • Minimum stay: 12 weeks
  • Maximum stay: 2 years

Support and accommodation

Rooms and charges

  • Total spaces: 20


  • Food: %author:field_hostels_food

Rules and policies

House rules and tenure

Licence agreement.


No guests after 7pm.

User participation


Further information

Is this page accurate?

If you work for EDs Homes and would like to tell us about any of this information that needs updating please email the Homeless Link Information team. Please note this email address does not contact the service listed above so do not use it if you are looking for help or advice. 

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