Ashford Place Assesment Centre

Referral address

Ashford Place Assessment Centre
60 Ashford Road

Referral phone

020 8208 8595

Referral email


Who is the project for?

Who do we help?

CHAIN verified single homeless people with a local connection to LB Brent. May also accept homeless patients discharged from London hospitals who have a local connection to Brent.

Who we cannot help

People with a conviction for arson.

  • Minimum age accepted: 18
  • Maximum age accepted: None

How to get a referral

Referral agencies

Accept self referrals and referrals from any agency. Bed spaces to accommodate emergency referrals are available.

Referral procedure

Phone 020 8208 8595 24/7 or email.

Length of stay

  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Maximum stay: 21 weeks

Support and accommodation

Support offered

1 member of staff and approx 4 volunteers available at centre each day. Clients will be allocated a resettlement worker and be required to engage with them as part of their contract with the project.

Rooms and charges

There is no charge for the accommodation.

  • Dormitory: 4
  • Total spaces: 25


  • Furnishings: Sleeping bags, mats.
  • Disabled facilities: Adapted toilet, showers, lift.

Rules and policies

House rules and tenure

No alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed in or outside the venues. Guest agreement. If rules are broken, will lose place. Aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour not tolerated and will result in a ban.


Not allowed.

Further information

Public transport

Cricklewood train station, Kilburn and Willesden Green tubes nearby.


Currently have 25 volunteers. There are 3 shift slots. Email or phone 020 8208 8595 for further information.


Food, clothes, toiletries - email or phone 020 8208 8595' money - donate via website.

Is this page accurate?

If you work for Ashford Place Assesment Centre and would like us to amend any of this information please email us today.

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