The Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA), which came into force in April, has placed much stronger focus and responsibilities at a local level to the prevention of homelessness. 

young homeless woman
Photography by Elizabeth Pennington

Through the events we’ve run over recent months across the country on the HRA, it’s been clear there is an appetite to improve how we identify and act on the triggers to homelessness, and also ensure the voluntary sector’s role in prevention is incorporated into any plans to implement change.

Homeless Link members have been playing a key role in homelessness prevention for years. The research we’re publishing today is a timely reminder that there is much to learn from current approaches to prevention, and scope to encourage more areas to commit to early intervention. It explores a range of innovative work being undertaken by the homelessness sector to prevent people from becoming homeless and explores the key challenges that are presented by this work.

Preventing homelessness before it begins

homeless woman

Case studies from the homelessness sector