Government launches its three regional Housing First pilots

Wednesday, 9 May 2018 - 12:05pm

Homeless Link responds to the news of the launch of the three regional Housing First pilots in Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, and the Liverpool City Region.

Wayne housing first resident

The Housing First programme will receive £28 million of Government funding and include an external evaluation to test the approach in a UK setting. The funding allocated to each region over three years is as follows. It is based on the number of rough sleepers, or those at risk of rough sleeping who the Government thinks would benefit from Housing First support, with the remainder to be spent on the evaluation:

  • Greater Manchester: £8.0m
  • Liverpool City Region: £7.7m
  • West Midlands: £9.6m

The pilots will support around 1,000 rough sleepers and those at risk of rough sleeping experiencing the most complex disadvantage to help them to end their homelessness. Individuals will be given stable, affordable accommodation and intensive wrap-around support to help them recover from any needs they may have, such as mental ill health and substance misuse issues, and to sustain their tenancies.

Rick Henderson, Chief Executive of Homeless Link, comments:

“We’re pleased to learn that the three regional Housing First services will soon be up and running, providing life-changing support for around one thousand vulnerable individuals. Housing First is an integral part of the solution to ending the homelessness of people experiencing the most complex disadvantage.

“It will be important that these projects learn from existing services and the evidence on what we know works for Housing First in England, and that they follow the seven principles for delivering the service if they are to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people they are supporting.

“Through our Housing First England project we have been championing the rollout of the approach across the country, with the ambition that it becomes available to all who need it, and we look forward to supporting the three regions with advice and resources to aid their success. However, we are clear that Housing First is not a silver bullet for ending homelessness – in many cases other responses and services will be more appropriate, securing optimum results for individuals and for the public purse.”

The Government’s announcement can be found here.

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