Better support needed as half of households turned down for help with homelessness

Thursday, 5 September 2013 - 12:40pm

We respond to the latest Government figures on statutory homelessness in England which show that 28,240 households applied for help, of whom 52% were turned down.

Homeless Link is calling for better support to help people out of homelessness.

Commenting on the statistics, Homeless Link’s Chief Executive, Rick Henderson, said:

“We know that councils are stretched, but we need to ask what happens to those who aren’t given access to help. When people have no place to call home, they need effective support to prevent them from turning to the alternative of sofa-surfing, squatting or sleeping rough.

“Homelessness charities are doing their best to pick up the pieces and provide support, but more could be done. We need more targeted help that stops individuals from losing their homes and better advice and support if they become homeless.

“We are also seeing a continued rise in people being housed by their council in temporary accommodation, which is expensive and unsustainable. The bottom line is that we urgently need to increase the supply of affordable homes.”

According to analysis by Homeless Link:

  • There were 28,240 applications in between 1 April and 30 June 2013, an increase of 5% from the same quarter in 2012 (26,800)
  • Acceptance numbers (13,460) increased by 5% compared Q2 2012 (12,860)
  • Rate of acceptance is unchanged at 48%.
  • 18% of applications are found to be homeless but not in priority need (5,170), 10% higher than Q2 2012
  • The increase in homelessness due to end of shorthold tenancies continues to rise, now accounting for 27% of all acceptances.  This is the highest percentage ever recorded, and is an increase of 32% on Q2 2012 and of 68% on Q2 2011
  • The use of temporary accommodation has increased by 9% since 30 June 2012 (56,210 from 51,640) and 16% since 30 June 2011 (48,330)
  • Other Private Sector accommodation is up by 49% (12,640) on the same time in 2012 and now accounts for 22% of temporary accommodation.  This is 79% higher than the same time two years ago
  • Households in temporary accommodation renting directly from private landlords has increased by 105% to 2,440 since 30 June 2012
  • Households placed in temporary accommodation in other Local Authority areas has also increased from by 38% (8,080 to 11,160)