Elections in May 2021 - Get Ready To Vote

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 2:00pm

Read a blog by Susan Crown, Head of Campaigns and Corporate Identity at the Electoral Commission

Homeless Link is campaigning for housing and homelessness to be given high importance in the local elections 2021. In this guest blog, Susan Crown from the Electoral Commission explains the importance of registering for the local elections, and how you can do that even without a fixed address
Planning ahead for the future has often felt impossible this year, and so thinking about May 2021 seems like a big ask. Why would I want you to do that? It's because on 6 May 2021 there are going to be elections in England, Scotland and Wales. Being homeless can present real challenges to being registered to vote and to knowing what elections are happening and where. That why we, at the Electoral Commission, are asking you to think now about how you would like to vote in May 2021. 
A lot of people don't know that you can register to vote using a place you spend time at - like a shelter or a refuge. You can register to vote anonymously, so no one can find out your address. You can find out about this from the links above. 

We are preparing for these elections by asking people to think about whether they want to attend a polling station in person. Polling stations will be safe places to vote at, and there will be COVID protections in place. We have published a video to show this. 

However, you can also choose to have a postal vote, or ask someone to vote for you (called a proxy vote). If you would prefer not to attend in person then you do have other options, and if you can think about them early then you know you will have time to cast your vote. The link above gives you more detail.  
You might work with people who would benefit from knowing more about this process and what to do. We have produced some online and printable materials to help you. 

Remember: you must be registered to vote before you can choose a postal or proxy vote.
So, #GetReadyToVote and have your voice heard.

What are the voting registration deadlines?

England & Wales

  • Registration: midnight 19 April
  • Postal vote: 5pm 20 April (also includes postal proxy and changes to existing proxies)
  • Proxy vote: 5pm 27 April

What elections are happening in May 2021?

  • Local council elections in England
  • Local and Combined Authority Mayoral elections
  • Mayor of London and London Assembly elections
  • Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales
  • Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliamentary election
  • Scottish Parliamentary election

Susan Crown
Head of Campaigns and Corporate Identity 
The Electoral Commission