London Winter Shelters list 2019/20 published

Friday, 1 November 2019 - 3:30pm

- Covid-19 Update - 
In line with government guidance and subsequent service restrictions, the night shelters on this list will be closed by 29/03/2020.

The list will be updated as more shelters finalise their details for the winter. Please come back and check this blog page for the latest version.
*Version 5 has now been uploadedWestminster will be taking referrals through Streetlink.

The winter shelters are listed by the borough in which they operate. ‘The Robes Project’, and All People All Places - ‘Enfield and Haringey Homeless Respite’, cover two boroughs each and therefore appear twice.
Most Winter Shelters will close over Christmas and will refer to Crisis at Christmas.

Further information on London services may be available on the Housing Justice website.
For further information on services available for people experiencing homelessness across England this winter, please check the Homeless England Directory of Services.

Given there were an estimated 1283 rough sleepers a given night (Zakra, 2019)1, and 148 homeless deaths ("Deaths of homeless people", 2018)2, in London last year extra provisions for rough sleepers are essential in cold weather. To volunteer or donate to these shelters, please go to the websites listed.

While some shelters are yet to confirm their details, no shelters have officially closed yet, or reduced in size this winter, and we are hopeful that more will be added before January.
Homeless Link are distributing up to £1,000,000 of MHCLG funding to organisations helping people sleeping rough get off the streets this winter. This first round of applications is closed, but the second round is currently open. For further information, see our blog post - 2019 Cold Weather Fund Application Guidance.







1Zakra, M. (2019, October 10). AnnualReview2018 [pdf file]. Retrieved November 1, 2019, from
2Office for National Statistics. Deaths of homeless people in England and Wales 2018 (2018). Retrieved from

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