Launching the survey for the Annual Review 2019: Support for Single Homeless People in England

Thursday, 29 August 2019 - 11:50am

Homeless Link’s Annual Review: Support for Single Homeless People in England provides a comprehensive picture of the state of the homelessness sector and is the only data source of its kind available on homelessness services in England.

Homeless Link will start collecting information for our annual survey on homelessness services in England – Support for Single Homeless People in England: Annual Review 2019. With the help of our members and other frontline services, the data we collect is vital for providing a picture of current service provision for people experiencing homelessness in this country. The survey gathers information about the homelessness sector – its capacity, changes to provision and funding, and the support and services available to people who are homeless, along with data on the needs and demographics of this group. It is the only comprehensive source of data on the single homelessness sector in England.

Over the past eleven years, the findings from our ‘Support for Single Homeless People in England: Annual Review’ reports have informed practice and policy development, providing essential evidence about service availability and how the sector is adapting to change. They have been used to inform recent local and national decisions on commissioning and the future funding of support.

With increased focus on ending rough sleeping from the Government and other decision makers, including the launch of the Rough Sleeping Strategy, the data collected this year will be invaluable for showing the impact this is having on homelessness services across England and influencing real change for people experiencing rough sleeping and homelessness.

This research would not be possible without the involvement and input of staff from frontline services who find time in their busy schedules to answer our questions and complete the survey.

This year you can participate in the research via an online survey or by telephone interview. The research will begin at the start of September and we really look forward to receiving your responses.

We are also currently collecting organisational contact and service information for our Homeless England directory of services across England. This is the only national source of information on homelessness support and includes more than 2,000 services, detailing the range of support services available, from accommodation and day centres to local authority housing options and homeless health services.

We use the information collected through Homeless England to help us build a picture of homelessness provision across the country. It enables our researchers to identify gaps in provision and to understand trends. The information is checked for accuracy and updated on an ongoing basis with information accepted only directly from service providers.

We rely on homelessness services themselves to provide us with accurate and comprehensive information to help ensure accuracy and ask for your support in responding to requests to check and update service information.   

For any questions please contact Molly Zakra from our research team on or 020 7840 4418.