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Thursday, 28 September 2017 - 4:39pm

I have really enjoyed working with Reboot UK, it’s been a fantastic experience. 

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My Reboot journey

As an ex-customer of Evolve, I was looking for volunteer work. One morning I spotted a poster advertising for IT volunteers at the service. IT is very much part of my background, so I thought this would be a great opportunity.

For the next year, I worked as a volunteer on Reboot UK and other projects. This helped me develop more confidence and knowledge within the Evolve services. In March 2017, Reboot UK 2 was launched. The role for Digital Skills Coach (delivering Reboot) became available and I applied. I was successful, and have continued to learn and develop my skills.

Reboot UK 2

I have really enjoyed working with Reboot UK, it’s been a fantastic experience. This project has given me the opportunity to work with a really diverse group of residents (known as ‘customers’) in our hostels and I’ve enjoyed the challenge that each new day brings. I delivered this project across four of our services, which included everything from basic computing skills to recording and producing vocals in the music production sessions.

A tool that really helped me deliver these workshops was Learn My Way, which is a great platform for empowering our customers to enhance their digital skills for tasks that many of us take for granted, such as job-hunting online. Using this platform has been a real eye-opener, enabling me to see the real people behind the negative stigma of homelessness.

A recent example was using Learn My Way with a customer at one of our Croydon services. During the session, he shared his past experiences and achievements with me, and we were able to establish his goals and aspirations – something he told me he had not considered for years. It transpired that he had a keen interest in catering, but needed a food and hygiene certificate. Now, he is about to complete his Level 2 qualification! Without the Rebook UK project, this may never have been achieved.

Another highlight for me has been working with a customer from our mental health stepdown service. This customer had quite complex confidence issues. He is an avid music lover with a keen interest in writing lyrics. I started a music production workshop at the service, and gradually the customer’s confidence grew. In the following weeks, we recorded tracks so that the customer could perform at an event for Mental Health Awareness Week. When this took place, it was a complete success! Since this event, the customer agreed to become a Peer Mentor because of the progress made using Learn My Way.

Overall, my experience on Reboot UK has been amazing. In just a short time I’ve seen the project developing and how it will continue to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Daniel Fifield

Daniel Fifield

Digital Skills Coach, Evolve Housing + Support

Daniel is the Digital Skills Coach for Evolve Housing + Support. With qualifications in Media Studies and Music Technology, Daniel has worked extensively in audio post-production and web design, as well as being a DJ and music producer.