It’s time more providers and landlords delivered Housing First

Tuesday, 6 June 2017 - 4:53pm

As you may have read in a recent series of Inside Housing articles, Homeless Link is calling for social landlords to help make Housing First available across the country. 

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Homeless Link is running a campaign to involve support providers, commissioners and social and private landlords in delivering vital Housing First projects in their local areas.

Why are we doing this? Housing First is the best-known response for successfully supporting people with experience of multiple disadvantage, for whom traditional services do not work. It is about doing things differently, and requires flexibility and creativity from everyone involved, from support providers and commissioners to housing suppliers.

Based around a set of core principles, which are designed to achieve the best possible outcomes for residents, it gets results, ensuring that up to 90% of people maintain their housing and go on to improve other areas of their lives.

The approach is not new; a growing number of services are already operating, with some excellent examples of good practice and positive results.

However, compared to many countries, we are behind the curve, and there is a pressing need to establish many more Housing First projects across England to make this important support available to all those who need it, no matter where they live. Access to suitable housing and funding opportunities are a vital part of the picture.

To support the growth of Housing First, we have produced new how-to guides for support providers and Social Landlords. Guidance for commissioners and private landlords will follow shortly.

Guidance for support providers

Housing First turns on its head the traditional model of how we support people experiencing multiple disadvantage from street to home. We have compiled the experiences of providers who are already running a Housing First project to help you to set up your own successful service, from delivering the support to sourcing the housing and building your team.

Read the document here: Guidance for Support Providers

If you are already running a Housing First service, please help us to champion the approach to other providers, potential funders, local partners and housing providers.  

Guidance for Social Landlords

Stable, affordable housing is the bedrock of Housing First, yet only 50% of current projects have access to the required amount of social housing. Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) should make properties available to support the growth of Housing First and can benefit financially and from the property management assistance provided by the support workers, when doing so.

This guidance offers an introduction to Housing First, lays out the benefits to RSLs of getting involved and suggests two options for doing so.

Read the document here: Guidance for Social Landlords

We’d like your input

We are keen to receive feedback on our guidance so that we can ensure it reflects current best practice and will update it regularly. If you feel we should add information, resources or case studies, please get in touch with Jo Prestidge at  

For further information and resources on Housing First, please visit our website,

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