Housing and Dementia Training – Manchester, London, Birmingham and Bristol

Thursday, 23 February 2017 - 4:24pm

Dementia training courses running until the end of March - now available free of charge, thanks to funding from the Department of Health.

Tree in the shape of a head

I was eating out on Valentine’s night with my partner in tow, when the bill came round and almost knocked me under the table. “This isn’t us,” I said holding on tight to my wallet. “He’s never spend that much on anyone!” said my partner, helpfully. The bill was dutifully retrieved, and reappeared a few minutes later. The correct total of £36.00, ringed in red biro. The waiter and I exchanged a meaningful glance, and a Valentine’s Day massacre was averted!

However, involvement in the Sitra’s Housing and Dementia Training made me think how difficult that little restaurant encounter would be to negotiate if you lived with something as dis-orienting as dementia.

Would you feel able to complain? If you did, do you think your complaint would be taken seriously? Would you even know what you were complaining about? Could your confusion trip you up, make you feel anxious and even misrepresent yourself? And what about the restaurant itself: was it designed with the thought of people with dementia in mind? How might lighting, decoration and furniture help, or hinder getting around?

With the aim of providing answers to some of the questions above, we have designed a set of dementia training courses for all staff in housing roles. Our five one day courses running in Manchester, London, Birmingham and Bristol will help Housing Officers, Customer Service Teams, Income and ASB Teams, Maintenance Teams and Estate Management staff support people living with dementia to live more independent lives.

Courses cover:

  • Understanding Dementia: for any housing staff in contact with tenants living with dementia
  • Dementia and the Law: Mental Capacity, Care and Equality acts in best-interest decision-making
  • Designing ‘dementia friendly homes’: low cost housing solutions for people living with dementia
  • Sourcing and utilising assistive technology and home adaptations
  • Communication skills for with people living with dementia

Sitra dementia training courses running from 27 February to the end of March, are now available free of charge - thanks to funding from the Department of Health. For more information, and to book your place visit the Sitra website.