Survey for our Annual Review 2017: Support for Single Homeless People in England

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 - 11:00am

Homeless Link’s Annual Review provides crucial evidence on the state of the homelessness sector and is the only data source of its kind available on homelessness services in England. 

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For the past nine years, Homeless link has tracked the provision of support for single homeless people in the UK. At the beginning of May, we will be sending out our tenth annual survey to frontline homelessness services. The survey is a vital source of information, not only for frontline services, but also for Government (funded by DCLG), academics, funders and the media.

Our Annual Review is based on survey data and telephone interviews with accommodation providers and day-centres, providing a detailed overview of the nature and availability of key services for single homeless people and couples without dependent children.

The first annual survey of needs and provision was published in 2008, exploring the scope and significance of the Supporting People funding stream, and variations in the characteristics and needs of people who access services. Subsequent reviews have documented the changing needs of single homeless people and considered the ways in which services respond to a rapidly changing funding environment.  

Each review examines topical issues faced by the sector and highlights best practice, emerging models and innovative approaches to tackling homelessness.

This research is an invaluable tool to help services, commissioners and policy-makers understand and respond to the changing needs of people who experience homelessness, and to better appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing homelessness services.

The research would not be possible without the input of staff and individuals from frontline services who find time in their busy schedules to complete the survey. Our online questionnaire will be circulated in May 2017 and we would like to thank all participants in advance for their help with this study. We look forward to receiving your responses.

Single Homelessness Support in England: Annual Review 2016

Our 2016 review of the homelessness sector analyses the capacity, support and services available to single people who become homeless in England. It looks at the changing demand for those services, as well as changes to funding and provision, and examines topical issues faced by the sector.


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Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris

Research manager

Jennifer is our research manager, planning and conducting qualitative and quantitative research projects to contribute to the evidence base around homelessness and to inform policy and service change. Jennifer is currently covering Debra Hertzberg's maternity leave.

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