Announcing the launch of In-Form Community

Monday, 5 September 2016 - 9:00am

Free new addition to the In-Form family of products for smaller homelessness organisations.

We’re delighted to announce this free new system for recording your work with your clients and creating homelessness outcomes stars.

There is no set up cost, it’s free for up to three staff or volunteers and there is no limit to how many client records, homelessness outcomes stars and other data you can add. If more than three people in your organisation need to use it, you can purchase additional licences for only £25 per user per year.

Take a look at it here or come along to our Case management made easy conference in London on Monday, 31st October 2016.

How does it work?

Using In-Form Community, as well as creating homelessness outcomes stars, you can also enter detailed information about your clients, complete needs assessments and record casework. The system also has a number of standard reports that you can run, providing data on all aspects of your work with your clients. It is secure and you can only see client records which have been created by you and your colleagues.

In-Form Community replaces Homeless Link’s Outcomes Star System. If you are a current user of the Outcomes Star System, we will be contacting you shortly to discuss transferring you over to one of our new systems.

The In-Form family

We now have 3 versions for In-Form for organisations with different information needs and budgets – Enterprise, Essential and Community. You can find more information on our new In-Form website. The features available on the 3 editions are listed in detail here and the prices are here.

We developed In-Form Community because members in smaller organisations who were saying that the bespoke version of In-Form, which we are now calling In-Form Enterprise, had lots of features that looked great, but that they were unlikely to use. So Enterprise wasn’t cost-effective for them. They needed cheaper, easy to use products, suitable for busy day centres, hostels and other smaller services where staff are struggling to record their work on spreadsheets and paper.

Secondly, the technology we used to build the original Outcomes Star System is now out of date. So we built In-Form Community in, the fantastic contact management platform we have used for our other In-Form systems and at Homeless Link.

Our mid-range product, In-Form Essential, is another off-the-shelf product, but with more features than In-Form Community. You can also record risk assessments, income, goals, alerts, agencies and contacts, group activities (eg training, drop-ins), compliments, incidents, accidents and complaints (not that you’ll need that!), friends, family and even pets! It has 200+ reports and dashboards built in and you can learn how to build and customise your own.

So, welcome to the In-Form product range. And don’t forget, if you get more funding, you can upgrade to the next version up and we can transfer all your data.

In-Form is made possible by a Force for Change grant from Huge thanks to everyone involved for all their support.

Talk To Us

Jane Finucane

Head of In-Form business development

Jane leads the team in implementing new systems, developing the product and making sure our members are getting the best possible value from In-Form. 

Telephone: 020 7840 4456