Making it Real for Housing with person-centred support

Monday, 20 June 2016 - 3:57pm

New guide from Sitra on person-centred support for people with experience of supported housing.

A new Making it Real guide for supported housing has been published by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and Sitra, part of Homeless Link.

Making it Real for Housing is aimed at commissioners and service providers. It offers advice and case studies to show how housing can be tailored to be person-centred and focussed on outcomes.

The guide is based around a set of ‘I’ statements that describe what good personalised care and support looks like from the perspective of people who use services. The statements cover different areas of provision and activity that impact wellbeing. They are: information and advice, the role of active and supportive communities, flexible and integrated care and support, personal budgets and self-funding, workforce and risk enablement.

Tim Parkin, author and Homeless Link Associate, said:

“One cannot overstate how important it is for a person’s wellbeing to have safe, settled and supportive accommodation. This Making it Real guide demonstrates the practical steps commissioners and providers can take to create a care and support system that is more person-centred, less crisis driven and more joined up. A key theme permeating throughout the guide is the importance and value of working with and alongside people receiving support. This is key for making sure that whatever the setting, the support provided is focused on the needs and aspirations of individuals.”

Clenton Farquharson, member of National Co-production Advisory Group, said:

“The ‘I’ Statements are the cornerstone for what is required of personalisation. They are based on what matters most to people who use services.  We need wise guardians to continue to protect their integrity and nurture them for better outcomes.”

Lynda Tarpey, Think Local Act Personal Director, said:

“Making it Real for Supported Housing is an important step towards helping to embed the principles of good personalised care throughout public life. I hope that commissioners and providers will feel encouraged by the positive practice examples.”

Download the guide

You can download the guide as a PDF from the Sitra website.

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Burcu Borysik

Burcu Borysik

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Burcu is Research & Policy Coordinator at Sitra, part of Homeless Link.