Innovative charity helping with construction related projects

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 - 3:00pm

Introducing CRASH, the construction industry's charity, which is a unique, practical charity that assists homelessness charities with construction related projects.

CRASH was established in 1996 and works collaboratively with all their projects to support and deliver assistance in three ways:
- free professional expertise
- sourcing building materials and the technical knowledge on how to use them
-awarding cash grants.

CRASH receives no Government funding and is entirely supported by companies and individuals within the construction industry. These patron companies underpin every single project that the charity supports. CRASH believes that well designed and expertly built environments have a positive effect on how we all feel and behave, which is especially true for homeless, vulnerable or sick people or those that care for them.

To illustrate how CRASH works, here are a couple of case study examples:

The Kairos Community Trust, an organisation that helps homeless men and women with drug and alcohol problems through detox, rehab and a network of 28 supported move on houses in London. One of their first tasks was to oversee the refurbishment and expansion of a property in Linden Grove, which was a former church hall in Peckham, southeast London. The support from CRASH enabled it to change from a twelve shared bedroom hostel to a 26 single bedroomed facility, 16 of which are en-suite. It is now a fully functioning community detox hostel offering safety, security, food and comfort. Lidden Grove is the perfect example of how, by sharing the professional skills, building materials and generosity provided by CRASH, the industry can have a real and lasting impact not only on the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our society but also on those who care for them and the wider community.

MoCoCo House in Cheshire was an ambitious project involving transforming a former bus garage into nine self-contained bedsits for young homeless adults.

London City Mission’s Webber Street Day Centre received support from CRASH in the form of architectural services, planning services and building control from a number of Patron companies.  Other Patrons made donations of materials including plasterboard, paint and tiles.  A cash grant was also made to the project.

CRASH is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary, showing that the expertise and materials of the construction industry can help positively shape the lives of vulnerable and homeless men and women. Chief executive Francesca Roberts explains further, “CRASH was founded as the construction industry’s charity, and it still is the industry’s charity. We have deliberately kept our focus narrow; we don’t manage or run homelessness shelters: we help to build and refurbish them.”

If you are interested and would like to apply to CRASH for help with a building project, please take a look at their website:


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Emma Brophy


Head of Communications at CRASH, developing branding and raising awareness of charity building projects within the construction and property industry.

Twitter: @CRASHcharity