Introducing the Strategic Alliance on Migrant Destitution

Thursday, 24 September 2015 - 7:26am

At Homeless Link our vision to end homelessness includes everyone. With an increasing number of people from outside the UK - and more specifically outside the EU - finding themselves homeless in England, we decided it was time to act.

As the newest face in Homeless Link’s Innovation and Good Practice Team, I wanted to introduce myself and an important new project.

I will be working on a variety of topics, looking at new and innovative ideas within the homeless sector and developing new approaches to supporting people out of homelessness. However, the majority of my time will be around improving support for people who become homeless after they arrive in England, and specifically on the Strategic Alliance on Migrant Destitution.

The primary focus of the Alliance is to find housing and support solutions for those who do not have recourse to public funds because of uncertain migration status. To do this we are working with organisations that support non-EU migrants with no recourse to public funds, as well as homelessness partners. This issue of migrant destitution has felt intractable for some time and I hope that being able to work across both groups of organisations we will unlock new ways of working that will improve this situation.

Migrant destitution on the streets of England is a growing humanitarian issue – and although the current refugee crisis has increased public awareness and interest, it is by no means a new problem.

The Alliance was set up before this media spotlight, and is committed in its focus of supporting organisations from both the homeless and migrant sectors.

Hosted by Homeless Link, Alliance partners include the British Red Cross, Refugee Council, Refugee Action, Housing Justice, NACCOM, and Migrant Rights Network. Between us, we play a wide range of roles in supporting people from outside the EU who are already sleeping rough on the streets of England.

By working better together, we aim to:

  • Increase supply of accommodation for people with no recourse to public funds.
  • Support front-line agencies and local partnerships.
  • Develop integrated pathways out of destitution.
  • Gather, share and use evidence of what works to inform service providers, funders, commissioners and policy makers.

Get involved

Are you working in this field? Does your organisation have close contact or partnership with the refugee and migrant sector? Are you aware of any effective or innovative ways that people from outside the EU are being supported in your local area? If so, I would like to hear from you.

Please get in touch to share your experiences and we can discuss how you might get involved in the work of the Alliance.

Over the next six months we will be running a series of regional events across England, inviting partners from homeless and migrant sectors to share their experiences and challenges of working within this field. It is far from straightforward in the current climate, with funding cuts, diminishing legal aid and welfare reform – and that makes your experience all the more important to our work, so get in touch!

You can follow the progress of the Alliance and download our resources from our webpage.

Talk To Us

Patrick Duce

Innovation and good practice project manager

Patrick is an Innovation and Good Practice Project Manager, working on a range of innovation projects across the homelessness sector. Previously coordinated the Strategic Alliance on Migrant Destitution (SAMD) project on behalf of Homeless Link.

Telephone: 0207 840 4468
Twitter: @PatrickDuce