Under One Roof: a homelessness A to Z

Friday, 29 May 2015 - 12:06pm

Our events manager Kate Alaway looks forward to the issues and opportunities on the agenda of our two day conference in July.

Photograph: Vicky TH (Flickr)

As summer approaches, my attention is well and truly focused on organising Under One Roof, our annual conference which takes place from 7-8 July.

The programme is about new learning, debating, sharing and networking with your peers, as we take a complete look at accommodation and support provision in post-election England.

From popular topics to brand new issues, here’s an A-Z sneak peek at the topics and opportunities that will fill the two days.

A to F

Accommodation provision

Improving private hostels & shared rented provision.

Building homes

Will it solve homelessness?

Care Act

The opportunities and threats.

Dual needs

Improving the support individuals receive.

Emergency accommodation


Getting new projects off the ground through crowdfunding.

G to L

Gender specific responses

Developing better approaches to supporting women.

Housing First

How it can be used to tackle long-term homelessness. Led by a leading academic alongside a service that is using this approach, this session will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this model and what outcomes it can achieve.

Influencing and lobbying

A step by step guide.

Job broker service

Enabling people to find and keep work.


That's me. Hello. I’m here to help! I’ll be at the event on both days, or if you need me before then please call 020 7840 4461, email me or tweet me @ConferenceKate.

Legal highs

Practical interventions for working with people who use them.

M to R

Multiple needs

Delivering a high needs homelessness project.

Non-statutory fundraising


Maintaining staff morale in the face of increasing pressures.


I've found a fantastic magician who will perform close up magic for us while we drink and dine on the evening of the 7th!

Question future thinking

Debate the issues hitting the sector hardest.

Residential lettings agency

How to set up and run one.

S to X

Social enterprise and trading activity

Building greater financial stability.

Trauma-informed services

As this approach to working with clients has come from the US, I've organised a workshop to be run by a Chicago based organisation that adopted trauma informed care years ago. Christine Achre will talk you through the benefits and challenges of a trauma informed approach, and the outcomes it has achieved for the people her organisation works with.


Relax at the end of the day in the hotel’s complimentary leisure facilities.

View new products and services

Our exhibition will feature new suppliers alongside homelessness services showcasing their work. We're including homelessness services as a great way to broaden and share the good practice that the event covers, allowing more ideas to be spread. I am busy working on this right now, so if you'd like to be a part of it please let me know.

Welfare reform

eXchange ideas

Build closer relationships with people working across the sector. Come on, in the absence of a xylophone recital, could you have done better for X?

Y to Z

Youth homelessness

Working with social care and family mediation teams.

Zip file

You'll receive a zip file full of all the presentations and documents from the conference.

Is that enough? I hope it gives you a taster of what the event will deliver and what I will be doing for the next few weeks. I hope to see you there.

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Kate Alaway

Head of member services

Kate is our head of member services managing the team who work directly with our members across England.

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