We've published new guidance on the use of naloxone in homelessness services

Thursday, 3 December 2015 - 9:19am

Following October's legislative changes around the availability of naloxone, we've produced new guidance to help you integrate this potentially live saving intervention into your service.

Naloxone is the lifesaving antidote for heroin and other opioid overdose.  Today we publish Naloxone practice guidance for homelessness services.  We have produced it in response to concerns around rising numbers of opioid related deaths, as well as legislative changes that came into effect 1st October 2015, which aimed to widen the availability of naloxone including within homelessness services. 

The guidance is designed to give you the information needed to introduce naloxone into your service and aims to promote good practice standards as part of a wider harm reduction approach.

Please help us spread the word out about the guidance, encouraging good practice around naloxone, whilst encouraging local authorities and homeless organisations to adopt its use if they haven’t done already.

Widening of Naloxone availability and good practice around its use will help to save lives. Here are ways you can help spread the word and help get the guidance out:

  • Notify your colleagues by email within your organisation - the simple link to share is www.homeless.org.uk/naloxone
  • Put the guidance on the agenda at local strategic and practice forums, sharing information with colleagues at partner agencies
  • Add a link to the guidance in your newsletter or on your website
  • Use social media to spread the word, sharing with your networks using Facebook or Twitter. Here is a sample tweet you can use or adapt:
    • "New guidance on life saving naloxone from @homelesslink - could this work in your service? http://bit.ly/hl-naloxone #naloxone"

Finally, we want to make sure this guidance is as useful and practical as possible. Please let me know how it works for you and if there is any way you feel it could be improved.

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