Reducing the terrible toll of legal highs

Friday, 28 August 2015 - 2:43pm

How Manchester's day centres are coming together to take action on the damaging effects of legal highs.  

Day centres often provide a community’s first response in getting vital and even life-saving support to its most vulnerable members. They deal with issues that have not only a massive cost to the individual but also to the community at large. 

At a recent Manchester Day Centres forum, representatives from local centres reported the rising levels of harm they are seeing on a daily basis at the hands of legal highs. The ‘terrible toll of legal highs in Manchester’ has been well documented in the local news as well as nationally, more-so following the Greater Manchester Police attempt at a clamp down in May of this year.

That’s why Homeless Link, as part of the National Day Centres Project, is collaborating with the Manchester Day Centres forum to call on all front-line services to take part in the city’s largest ever programme of recording of legal high incidents. Only by all services measuring the true level of harm in a consistent way can we establish a coordinated response. This will enable services in Manchester to raise awareness and target resources in order to reduce the harm caused by legal highs, both to the individual and to Manchester’s communities.

We have produced two forms that make it easy for services to record incidents of legal high use and submit this evidence to our consultation. The information collected will help us tackle the use of legal highs and raise awareness about the issue and the effect it has on individuals and the community.

  • Incident spreadsheet– very simple form to record legal high incidents
  • Legal High data collection form – for organisations to collate the information from the above forms

The forms can be downloaded below. 

If you have any questions about this project or would to know more about how to get involved, please get in touch

Manchester legal highs consultation

We are working in partnership with Manchester's day centre forum to undertake research to understand more about the prevalence of use of new psychoactive substances (legal highs) and their impact on users in Manchester.


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