Co-Production Toolkit

Co-production is more than just a buzzword. When services are genuinely co-produced they work better, because they make the most of the shared expertise of the professionals who work there and the people who have experience of using them.

The importance of co-production in services. Homeless Link training video 4/4

Day centres, support services or housing projects are co-produced when professionals and people with experience of using them, work together to design and run the service. Involving service users more is a start – getting feedback on services, asking people what they actually want and what works or doesn’t work then changing things to work better. However, co-production is much more than this.

Full co-production means sharing power – giving people who use services an equal chance to sit at the table and make decisions about how to run it better. It means building up their confidence and developing their skills so that they can participate fully. It also means involving staff in the process and not just managers and trustees. Some organisations are taking steps towards this, but not many have got there yet.

We have developed this toolkit to help services take steps towards introducing co-production and will be adding new resources in the coming months.

Introducing Co-Production

The toolkit explains what co-production is, some of the key ideas behind it and how to start applying the principles of co-production to your service. Resources are regularly added, so check back again to see what's new.