Being Strengths-based: collected resources

This page holds collected resources to support anyone interested in becoming strengths-based. 

Strengths-Based or Asset-Based Approaches focus on the positive qualities of the people we work alongside, the organisation and the local community. Rather than addressing the ‘problems’ of the individual, they look to get to know the person as a whole to identify strengths and goals that the person wishes to work towards. They also place the individual at the heart of the process, allowing them to direct and define their own support. Most importantly, being strengths-based is a holistic approach; it is something you are rather than something you do.

Many organisations are interested in the idea of being strengths-based or asset-based but it's not always clear what it means to work in this way. As being strengths-based is individual to each person and each organisation, we can’t provide a blueprint for how to do this – but we can provide a guide on how to start and give an overview of where the journey might take you.

This Toolkit is being produced in partnership with Expert Link, Colin Falconer from Inspire Chilli, Leeds City Council and Concrete alongside the 250 people who have shared their experiences of what it means to work in a strengths-based way. Over time, we will add publications by Homeless Link and our partners, as well as contributions from our members and other interested parties. We hope to continually add to the resources.

Please get in touch if you would like to suggest additions to the page:

Strengths-based Working in Practice

To learn more about strengths-based working in practice listen to this recording of Sam Abram and Charlie Brookes from the Brick in Wigan describing their work as Asset Coaches

Strengths-based Meetings

Learn more about how to apply strengths-based working in this film from Golden Key in Bristol on their approach to Strengths Meetings. You can also access their full Toolkit.


Resources on Becoming Strengths-based

Here you can download resources on Strengths-Based Practice including our publication, Becoming Strengths-Based which outlines the key concepts and principles. More resources will be added here over the course of the project