Homeless Link Excellence Awards 2020

Homeless Link's annual award scheme celebrates the best of the homelessness and supported housing sectors. This year we are recognising the contributions services have made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Terms and conditions

About the awards

We are looking to showcase the innovative, effective work that our members have done and continue to do around the country to support those who were rough sleeping or experiencing homelessness during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are a charity or Local Authority that is working to end homelessness and would like to demonstrate the contribution you have made, then please share what you are doing by entering our awards!

The awards were free to enter, and were open to any organisation that is a member of Homeless Link. There wasn't a limit on the number of categories that one organisation could enter. The deadline for submissions has now passed and shortlisted entries will be notified shortly. 

The six awards in detail

1. Excellence in co-production award
This award recognises projects, large or small, which have been designed and delivered through a partnership between individuals with experience of homelessness and supported housing professionals. As well as actively involving people with lived experience, the projects should duly acknowledge their contributions, and be able to demonstrate positive service impact and outcomes for the individuals as a result during the Covid-19 crisis.

2. Innovation in housing award
This award acknowledges projects that have come up with a different or enhanced housing offer in response to the Covid-19 crisis for people who have traditionally been seen as ‘hard to house’.

3. Excellence in supporting people award
This award honours services and projects that can demonstrate innovative and person-centred ways of working, which have led to improved outcomes for people facing homelessness or living in supported housing during Covid-19. This might include, but is not limited to, floating support, employment or training provision, advocacy or adopting a psychologically-informed approach.

4. The Jacqui McCluskey communicating for change award
This award celebrates the impact that a piece of communication has had during the Covid-19 pandemic; that has used compelling content to successfully engage, inform and bring about a positive action or change in behaviour to improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness or living in supported accommodation. This can include online or offline channels e.g. an app, social media campaign, piece of lobbying, crisis communication or engagement with the press et al.

5. Social enterprise of the year award
This award recognises social enterprises that can demonstrate a clear vision, strategic direction and business excellence alongside a social impact that is creating better outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness during Covid-19.

6. Promoting partnerships and collaborative working award
This award recognises the added strength that working in collaboration with others can bring, and will reward partnerships that have enabled better outcomes, efficiencies or more tailored, effective responses to be delivered to help prevent or relieve homelessness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Judging criteria

Across all 6 award categories, the panel of judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of impact
    Demonstrating the quantifiable social difference that your project or organisation is making in tackling or preventing homelessness and how this information is then being used to refine your service
  • Efficient use of resources
    Demonstrating excellent value for money, where resources are carefully managed and not wasted.
  • Sustainability
    Demonstrating a longer-term business plan that is driving the organisation’s vision and mission forward and creating financial stability for the project or service.
  • Following a strengths-based approach
    Demonstrating that the individuals accessing your services are at the centre of what you do and are not only valued for their strengths, skills, and assets but are given real opportunities to use them.
  • Replicability
    Demonstrating how the learning from your project or service could be used by others to help prevent or tackle homelessness.
  • Inclusivity
    Demonstrating that the voices and views of individuals with lived experience of homelessness are genuinely involved in the design of the policies and services that support them.
  • Creativity and flexibility
    Demonstrating that your project or service is responsive to changing requirements, policies or developments in practice to ensure that it remains as effective and efficient as possible.

Enter our awards

The deadline for entries has now passed.

Award prizes

The winner of each award category will have their service filmed. This short film can then be shared on social media, and with funders and strategic partners, to showcase the service's award winning work. Winners will also receive a trophy and a certificate, with runners up receiving a certificate.


The deadline for submissions was 10am on Monday 5 October 2020. To allow time for the entries to be judged, shortlisted entries will be notified by week beginning 2 November. The date of the awards celebrations, revealing the winners and runners up, will be announced as soon as is possible.

Terms and conditions

Please click here to view the award terms and conditions.