Our impact

We are very proud that the work of the organisation continues to make a difference; improving services and bringing about policy-change that can help end homelessness. 

A service user standing next to his support worker

We work hard to ensure our activity as a membership body responds to the challenges faced by the homelessness and supported housing sector and provides leadership, as we all seek new ways to work in a difficult environment. While we are delighted to see the impact of our work on frontline agencies and the individuals they support, we know we need to persevere to ensure this continues to be relevant and tackles the new challenges confronting the sector. We are continually grateful for the support of our members, friends and partners, which enables this important work to continue and grow.

The Covid-19 Pandemic

During the first wave of the pandemic, we came together to take swift action to bring thousands of people in to emergency accommodation. This unprecedented national and local homelessness response not only led to exemplary local partnership working and innovation in support, but undoubtedly saved hundreds of lives.

We witnessed a profound shift in how homelessness is perceived, and saw that the right level of focus and investment could reduce rough sleeping. This effort did not end there, however, and the work to move people on to more sustainable accommodation, and to support those newly facing homelessness, continues.

Homeless Link prioritised supporting our members, refocusing our activity to hold weekly information webinars, offer emergency grants programmes, take our training and support services online, and leading the impactful Everyone In For Good campaign.

Talk To Us

Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson

Chief executive

Rick is the CEO of Homeless Link and was appointed to that role in July 2012. He is a member of the government’s National Rough Sleeping Advisory Panel and the London Mayor’s Rough Sleeping Task Group. 

Twitter: @rickviews