Pan-London Housing Reciprocal Webinar

Find out more about the Pan-London Housing Reciprocal (PLHR) and how to make referrals, from Esther Sample (Safer London) and Maggie Williams (East London Housing Partnership).

Webinar: Pan-London Housing Reciprocal

Coordinated by Safer London, the Pan-London Housing Reciprocal (PLHR) supports households at risk of homelessness from domestic abuse and other forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), hate crime, gang violence or other high risk community safety reasons move to a safe area of London. The scheme has 29 London boroughs and 22 registered housing providers signed up so far and has already successfully moved a number of households.

The webinar covers:

  • the background to the scheme
  • the learning from the East London Housing Reciprocal
  • how the new PLHR operates
  • the referral process
  • how properties are reciprocated through the new system
  • progress to date
  • how your organisation can sign up

Presenters: Esther Sample (Safer London) and Maggie Williams (East London Housing Partnership)

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Jane Bancroft

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Jane works with Lisa Raftery on our PLUS project, which provides support to homelessness agencies across London through a mixture of guidance, training and events.

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