Counts and Estimates 2016 - evaluating the extent of rough sleeping

This updated toolkit helps local authorities, in partnership with other local agencies, to evaluate the extent of people sleeping rough, by carrying out either a count or intelligence-based estimate. 

Photograph: Martin Fisch (Flickr)
Photograph: Martin Fisch (Flickr)

Local Authority leads should follow this guidance in order to have their count or estimate verified by Homeless Link, ready for submission to DCLG by the 15 December deadline.

The toolkit includes:

  • Definition of rough sleeping for the purpose of counts and estimates
  • How to choose between a count and an estimate
  • What demographic data to collect
  • How the Homeless Link verification process works
  • Timelines and step-by-step guidance
  • Information for volunteers and verifiers
  • Templates, forms and resources
  • Quick Guides for easy reference