What we do

We work to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness.

Advice and support

We look for and share good practice from the front line, helping others to boost the quality of their work. We also develop new products that can help improve services and fund our campaign to end homelessness. Our national and regional teams offer support, link up agencies, and provide advice, consultancy and tools to help improve services.

Information, research and training

We provide access to a wealth of up-to-date information, including good practice toolkits, the latest research, sector news and policy updates. We also pilot new approaches to tackling homelessness and supports staff to improve their skills through training. With data on thousands of services, we use information to identify trends and enable the public and professionals to find local help and support.


We work with local and national Government to improve the policies that affect people experiencing homelessness. Using our detailed knowledge of what’s happening on the ground we campaign to challenge preconceptions and help bring about change.

Networking and events

Through our national, regional and online events we provide professionals with the opportunity to network with others in the sector – sharing knowledge, experiences and solutions.


Via the independent £20m Homelessness Transition Fund, we distribute grants that aim to protect essential homelessness services and encourage innovation in tackling rough sleeping.

The way forward: Our strategic plan 2013-2015

In February 2013, we published ‘A Place to Call Your Home’ a refreshed vision outlining the steps that Government and charities need to take to end homelessness in England. Our strategic plan focuses on the role Homeless Link will play in helping to bring this about from 2013-2015.


"We mustn’t lower the standards of our services or the expectations of the change that individuals can achieve."

Amanda Croome, Booth Centre

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